What is the advantage of hiring a CapCenter REALTOR®?

Get more out of your REALTOR®

CapCenter's dedicated real estate team works closely with our mortgage experts to save you time and money. With our 1% Listing Fee and Zero Closing Cost purchase bundle, you save thousands without compromising service. Believe it.

Our experienced real estate team can do more, for less. We don't think you need to pay 6% of the property sale price in real estate agent fees for a smooth, well-negotiated transaction especially where home prices are today. CapCenter REALTORS® average over 30 transactions per year and understand the home buying and selling processes, including negotiations, in and out. We took the traditional model and turned it on its head, bringing everything under one roof. Your typical real estate agent has to do it all on their own without the backing of mortgage, marketing, finance, design, technology, legal, and support teams. For example, CapCenter's listings will show up before non-CapCenter listings on our home search tool. Save even more on our top-rated service when you bundle sell, buy, and mortgage with CapCenter. 

We've been serving happy clients since 1997 and our in-house real estate expertise continues to grow. Did you know that 94% of our past clients would recommend CapCenter to a family member or a friend? Request a buy consultation and/or request a list consultation with our realty team today!

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